Defining a Partnership

I floated the idea with Jami. She thought it was great and went to Portland the following week to sit in a conference room at New Relic with the five managers who wanted to participate in the pilot.

We started out with introductions. Each of the managers shared a little of their story and why they wanted to be involved. Jami listened deeply. She had to find the thread in each of those stories that could then be matched with five of her teachers.

Would this be a mentoring or partnership relationship? We quickly agreed that the managers were not coming into this relationship as experts but as co-learners. As partners.

We then started framing out what a six-week sprint might look like. It was going to start with a Liftoff held in Dayton. It would end in a Retrospective back at New Relic. Between the two events, we were going to ask the partners to do one thing: find a time to talk to each other every week.

That was all. A thirty-minute check-in once a week in a video call. No agenda. Just a conversation.

What might happen?

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