Deeper Meaning

Ward and I needed to find the deeper meaning of that experience for the participants. So we started scheduling hour-long interviews.

Ward asked me to put together an interview guide. I decided to try another experiment. The week before we had been discussing learning from systems failures through a progressive exploration of the underlying assumptions used for making decisions. By identifying these incorrect assumptions, systems can become more robust.

I thought that it might be interesting to use this technique to more deeply understand the meaning of experiences. So I developed a 3x3 Reflection.

What we found was that many of the partners had experienced the same life-giving magic that I had experienced in my calls with Jami.

The teachers found it very validating to have professionals outside of education help them experiment with new practices. The managers, too, were deeply affected by the powerful impact of their small commitment on classroom experiences – potentially touching hundreds of students.

Most importantly, the walls separating their two worlds had dissolved. They recognized that they had far more in common than not, even though their professional lives were so different. They had found a shared purpose and shared meaning.

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